Dress comfortably for movement.  

Participate joyfully. All children learn at different rates and in different ways.  Some children will be quiet in class, others will be active.  Some children will do everything perfectly at home, but not in class. Play and have fun with your child and ensure his or her safety.

Please do not bring toys, food, drinks, books, cell phones or other personal belongings to in-person or virtual classes. These items distract other children and parents during class.

Weather. With live, online classes, the weather doesn't usually keep us from music making. For in-person outdoor classes, we'll meet on ZOOM when there are thunderstorms or heavy rain in the area. Check your email and studio Fb page for weather-related updates. 

Absence. Students are expected to attend all classes except in the case of illness.  If a teacher cancels a class, a make-up option will be given.

Please send a text if you need to miss a class. If you or your child have symptoms of illness, do not come to in-person classes. If your child misses a camp or class date due to illness, you are welcome to attend on another date if space is available. If this isn't possible, the teacher will email you a summary of that day's lesson and materials used in class. 

Fees. Fees are due when you enroll your child. Full session payment is required. Let us know if you'd like to set up monthly payments. You'll still be responsible for the full session, but we'll divide your tuition fee into equal monthly payments due before the first of each month. Registration and materials fees are due with registration. During the academic year, piano tuition is on an annual basis with monthly payments available. 

Withdrawal. You're welcome to let us know at the end of the first class if you change your mind about a class. We'll refund your full session tuition fees and materials fees for any unopened materials, too. No other refunds are given.