Musikgarten Musikgarten

Glen Ellyn Family Music School 
780 Pleasant Avenue Glen Ellyn, IL  60137 630-632-3347


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Where children and grown-ups come to play, sing, move, dance, create, imagine, and experience joy through music.

Summer and Fall registration are now OPEN for Musikgarten CLASSES and PIANO LESSONS.  

Musikgarten Early Childhood Classes We think that all children are musical and gifted in one of a kind, delightful ways. Musikgarten was developed to nurture and inspire children to reach their fullest music potential. 

Piano Lessons are popular here. Kids, teens and adults learn to play the piano and to express themselves musically. Kids learn to compose their own songs, learn to improvise, play by ear and read music, learn to sing tunefully, play solos and in ensembles. They discover that patterns live in math, science, and music and that to be good at anything, it takes practice.

Musikgarten classes stimulate cognition, social, emotional, and physical development through music, movement and language. Piano lessons prepare your child for academic success to be sure and maybe for med school or NASA. Our holistic approach is a fun learning experience for the whole family. 

Music education develops multiple intelligences. Nurture is an important piece of the puzzle. When you feed and water your child's innate musical abilities and talents, it's hard to miss just how influential music is in every area of your child's development.  

I hope you'll join us for a class, camp, lessons, or one of our special events coming up.  It's a fun place to spend time together and to get to know other families in the community who enjoy music and the arts, too.   

Judy Stoner, Director
Licensed, Certified Musikgarten Teacher
Early Childhood Music, Movement & Development Specialist
Piano Instructor Private and Group Classes